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Church Consulting

Helping churches grow

organically, holistically and naturally.

The world of church ministry is rapidly changing. The larger, successful churches, are often able to offer the complex ministries that enable them to continue drawing crowds. But the smaller or mid sized congregations, “competing” in this environment, often struggle to know how to respond. Pastors flock to events held by mega successful churches and leaders, but are confused by the dizzying array of options and the overwhelming number of needs. A socially connected population guarantees that congregation members are aware of what other churches offer, and frustrated that they don’t have everything (or at least some things). The consumer of yesterday has become the “prosumer” of today—shoppers who don’t just purchase, but want to control the outcome. Discontentment among church members is rising, and loyalty is decreasing. Pastors are themselves increasingly frustrated by apathy and indecision. And many of today’s churches are plateaued and in decline.

You will not overcome these and other challenges by hiding, or pretending they don’t exist, but by confronting them in the confidence that faith and wisdom provide. 

We offer a broad, organic, big picture perspective that will help you navigate the many challenges and choices that present themselves.  The direction you move will be both distinctively “you”—that is, representative of who you are—and passionately “new”—that is, bold and imaginative.


  • Identify challenges and obstacles

  • Reveal talents, assets & opportunities

  • Provide comprehensive study

  • Support through Pastoral and leadership coaching


  • As Trained Church Consultants coming in from the outside and helping churches understand ministry in context.

  • In Identifying Underlying Values that both hinder and help in Christian ministry.

  • Coaching Pastors and Churches through transition and change.

  • Developing tailored small group ministries for churches of all sizes.

  • Designing Capital Campaigns of varied dimensions.

  • In Designing and Implementing Lay Leadership Training.

  • With Retreats and Training Events to Equip Pastors and Leaders to minister in the complicated circumstances of today’s world.  


Sustainable Mission Partner (SMP) Churches concern themselves with identifying their niche in a community, building on their strengths, and eliminating barriers to growth.  Our purpose is to help churches grow organically, holistically and naturally—as opposed to synthetically, through mimicking successful churches.   SMP will help fashion your ministry to fit your context both internally (within the congregation) and externally (to the community).

  • Identify current challenges and obstacles

  • Uncover hidden talents, assets and opportunities

  • Understand your current leadership structure, gifts and needs

Together we can...




  • Build on strengths while eliminating weaknesses

  • Enlighten you to the world in which you serve

  • Present your congregation to the world in an integrated and strategic manner

  • Chart a course for the future that is bold, fresh, and innovative

  • Provide services for a broad array of ministry initiatives, including capital campaigns, fund raising and mission initiatives



FPC, Beaver,  We created a ‘capital campaign’ that we named “Building on Tradition” that was instrumental in raising $4.3 Million to build onto the existing church facility. The building includes a multi-functional room that doubles as an events room where two Sunday Services are housed weekly, as well as an elevator that connects all 4 floors for the elderly.  We strategized with the committee, provided all collateral materials, signage and 

indicia for the campaign.

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