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A ministry that collects used bikes and parts to provide a way for children and adults to earn a bike through volunteering.

Communicycle’s goal is to build relationships with the community through our bike program. We seek the glory of God through building kingdom relationships and the reconciliation of our communities, through the simple act of repairing bicycles. Repairs are performed at no cost, and you can learn how to repair your own bike, or earn a bike through volunteering in your community.

The idea for Communicycle was formed in the Fall of 2011, when a group of men were building a handicapped ramp for a woman on Spring Street in Aliquippa and her grandson asked them to fix his bike. The bike was special to him, as he and his grandfather had worked on it in the past. The bike was fixed, but then more children asked for repairs. From there, God has continued to put people in the right places to “connect the dots” and enable the program to grow to what it is today. People can bring their bikes to the shop or to the “Communicycle on the Road” events and we’ll help them repair their bikes using our tools and parts.

Communicycle… making a difference 2 wheels at a time.

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