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Marketing & Funding

We can work with you to do everything from refining product offerings to getting the word out to creating distribution systems. Our desire is to locate mission and business partners with great ideas that need to sharpen story telling and getting the word out. We have significant experience with the varied ways to advertise, market and promote. 



Women's Enterprises International (WEI) in Seattle, WA came to us with a unique situation that required more of a strategic marketing approach before any sustainability model can be put into action.  WEI is a 15 year charity that helps build a path from poverty for women through providing tanks for drinking water to business loans in Kenya and was looking to expand into other countries as well as other US markets (other than Seattle).  So, we had to strategically look at them, their brand, offerings and assets to be used to gain a better position in the non-profit world, so that we can then build-out a replaceable model to be taken from market-to-market throughout the USA. 

We developed an approach that is frequently used by marketers in the retail space that would provide them a more attractive, relatable brand name to be used for marketing purposes, while at the same time built a strategic plan to expand into other cities that would embrace this new model. By making their new brand “Path from Poverty” we were able to tell a much better simplified story that is relatable to our donor base.  We kept the main name as the parent company (WEI) so that we wouldn’t confuse the existing donor base, while at the same time, re-branded all materials to the new brand for future expansion efforts, thus laying the ground-work for a US replaceable model.  


SMP is partnering with World Servants to build offerings including; Pre & Post, Signage, Picnic, Community Involvement, Webinars, Training (leader, participants, etc), Posters, mailers, e-Blasts, Social Media, Video & Still Photography, Participant & Leader Manuals, Collateral Materials, Badges, Shirts, Donor Letters & Cards, Overall Themes, etc.

"Together, we can build a better mission field for God’s Kingdom."


SMP is developing a package that will gain ‘entrepreneurial support’ that we will jointly pitched to SRT supporters to obtain initial funding of this sustainable project.

This project develops the skeleton structure of what is needed in order to “Go to Market” and build the business model. Turning 20+ years & worldly experiences into a monetary gain for the Kingdom.

In additon, SMP has helped rename and rebrand SRT as Explicit Truth Ministries, creating a parent company supporting itself through a varity of different ways. 

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