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Richwood Creations

more than just a line of wood products
and rustic home decor

Richwood Creations, One project that has been an ongoing legacy of SMP is the mission work that we have done in and around the City of Richwood West Virginia. From the vision of the Family Center to starting a Young Life ministry to building a business to fund it all, SMP’s involvement has help to change many young lives in this small town forever.  SMP created everything for this model, from strategy to design to implementation.  Today, Richwood Creations products are sold worldwide and in great retailer such as Nordstrom.

Located in Summersville, West Virginia, Richwood Creations is a non profit created to help support the surrounding communities. With the support, generosity, inspiration and creativity of many wonderful people, Richwood Creations was founded in the summer of 2012 in an effort to provide local employment and funding for Young Life Ministries operating in Richwood, West Virginia.

This not-for-profit artisan wood business is literally changing lives in the heart of Appalachia. All materials and resources are sourced locally or within the state. Each piece of wood is hand selected for every order. After perfecting our customer’s design, personalized orders are engraved onto the wood through a unique laser process. We then package it with care and send it on its way! From start to finish, we prioritize meticulous attention to detail and a handmade authenticity.

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