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A visionary approach to funding missions in order to maximize ministry effectiveness. Working with SMP, the direction you move will be both distinctively “you”—that is, representative of who you are—and passionately “new”—that is, bold and imaginative.


“It was such an incredible experience working with Sustainable Mission Partners.  SMP really helped us refine and clarify our entire vision statement and strategy to better communicate with our supporters and customers.  Prior to engaging with SMP, our ministry brand had gone stale and we needed fresh perspective and insights on how to relevantly and inspirationally reach students and families with our message.  Just more than 6 months into our ministry transition and we are experiencing the fruit and benefit of going through this process!!”


Jason Burtt, President/CEO of Unaltered Ministries

"SMP helped our organization to make the transition from a ministry of a church to an independent nonprofit. They guided us every step of the way, provided incredible insight and wisdom, encouraged us, and equipped us to move forward. The team is diverse and each has unique talents and abilities that were crucial to helping us- from creative marketing to strategic planning and budgeting. They helped us to fill out the necessary paperwork, developed a marketing strategy, built our website, and helped us create a short and long term funding plan. They were invaluable to the success of The Center's launch as a nonprofit."

- Jen Miller, Executive Director of The Center



Unaltered Ministries
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